starting something is always funny,

i’m not sure if i’ll get slagged for starting to blog or if it’ll in anyway help folks, or even if it’s too self focused for the life of humility i’m called to, however i have seen that living in community and living in the truth (not hiding anything) gives life.  so as i start i don’t plan to show my best side or even my most ‘christian’ side, i’m a flamboyant sinner who’s been saved and blessed by a passionate, loving, self glorifying, grace filled God, who’s called me to a humble, selfless life with His son as my journeying friend (at times i just feel so lucky!).

This blog will be about how God leads me, me searching for God’s leading hand and sharing the times when God reveals a little more about Himself to me.  i would hate, really hate for this blog to be self glorifying though one thing i have found in life is that the more specific you can be about your own life and experience the more general a point you make.  I mean the more i put personal examples into songs and talks and conversations and now blogs! the more i find people can relate to it. funny. but that’s why i’ll probably be quite personal on this blog, i hope to display the joys and hopes and struggles of living as an unworthy heavenite in this good world that needs rescued

Standing on Grace


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