letting the Bible study you

What do God and Stephen Nolan have in common?

Well I’ve been noticing lately that Bible studies, one’s which I attend and others that I run, that they can be a little like the BBC radio Ulster’s Stephen Nolan show!  Everyone expressing there own views but unwilling to change their view, and conform.

Everyone knows two things for sure,
1 there is a right answer/way of living,
2 that they know it!

Now I don’t mean to come down on people meeting to discuss God’s word, and I’d hate to be labeled a complainer as it’s when we meet to find God that God shows up.

I’m merely suggesting that when we meet to study the Bible that we don’t come with ideas and then begin the word-search that we call ‘proof-texting’.

Instead we simply pray a simple prayer like: God we’re going to look at Your word for mankind tonight, help us to see where we fit into Your wonderful plan of redemption, help us hold fast to the truths You show us, fill us with hope as You reveal Your incredible grace and will You shape us more like Your Son as we find Him in the text.

When we get to heaven, I think we’ll be learn a couple of things.

We’ll be surprised that we’re there and at who else is there
And we’ll be deeply ashamed to think we thought ourselves knowledgeable about God.

He’s big, but He’s revealed Himself to us not so we can prove we’re right but to prove He’s right and the rest of us are just guessing, but we can rely on His promises, and boy but do we need to take seriously His warnings.


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