Thought I’d develop my thoughts from last week’s blog, I was thinking a lot about the cs lewis quote in it, about how when we understand that God has made this world we shouldn’t try and see how he has made it as much as ask why did He make it that way.  This has caused me to look at creation a little different this week.
I’m not much of a poet but thought I’d give it a go!  I’ll not expand on the thoughts of the poem just let it speak for itself,
here you go.

Standing on Grace

Creation’s telling a story

What if stars were not just full of smoke
With measurements to hard to grasp
Temperatures soaring
Light emitting
Massive balls of gas

What if they were tiny holes
In the black canvas between heaven and earth
Giving a glimpse
Of the light to come
From the face of God’s first birth

What if waves were not just the current
Of oceans meeting the land
The fall and rise
White water crashing
As it levels off the marked sand

What if it was to teach
How God’s forgiveness wipes you clean
The footprints and stains
Are all washed away
By morning and by evening

What if bird’s sang not just to chat but to
Turn us t’ward the creator king
A morning chorus
A worship service
And we’re invited to join in

What if trees grow crooked to catch the sun’s rays
And to teach us to search for the light
To bend over backwards
And upside down
To see that hope is in sight

What if a flower bud is to show a babies potential
If given the freedom to bloom
What if we’re to wait on the Lord before mission
Like a butterfly in a cocoon

What if eye’s could look deepen than surface colour
And the nose smell trouble ahead
What if strength is more than muscle power
And the tongue could say more than is said

What if the mind could think more than the brain
And a hug was more than a squeeze
What if the heart could do more than just pump
And the wind was more than a breeze

What if God didn’t just create things by chance
But to show His grace in everything
Then I guess a God of love is not just an idea
But a reality that can be seen.


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