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Hey, so this is a wee thought from my awesome wife to be, Debbie! ‘How cute are we, writing a wee blog together and all!!!’ Anyway these are all her words!

It’s not just about singing..
How often do we use the phrase ‘Now we will have a time of worship’. 
Do we spend our week waiting for church, for an event, where we feel that we can really worship God.
We cannot put worship in a box, or bring it out when we need it. It is not just a title.
Worship is not just an experience; it involves the offering of our lives, it should become our lifestyle. And man that can be scary!
‘The true expression of worship is through the abandonment of our own agenda for His, as we trust in his sovereign power and unlimited grace’. So often we want to cling to our own agendas, we want to make our agenda fit into His plan.
But Worship means surrendering all areas of our life to God. Our heart, our love, our time, our career, our money, and everything else at our disposal to serve him. We turn our clinging into giving.
In all areas of our lives that we choose to echo the words of Jesus, before he went to the cross. 

‘Not my will but yours be done’. Luke 22:42
I think that these are some of the hardest worst to pray. We feel like we are not in control. Being completely vulnerable. Giving over our hopes, our dreams, our fears.
Yes it will cost us to abandon our own agendas for His, but have faith that there is no safer place.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.

 I’m still learning, still trusting, resting safe in his arms. Real happiness come from doing all things as an act of worship, making everything we do about him and not ourselves.

from Debbie, also standing on grace


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  1. Posted by Gareth Caulfield on July 13, 2011 at 12:37 am

    Well put… May God bless you as you both continue to Worship Him…


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