the death has taken place of MrJAG

just sent out a group email to folks who’ve been connected to mrjag, this is the email!

Hey guys
just to say a big part of my life over the past 6 year, (basically all the time i’ve been a ‘real’ christian), has been mrjag!

it has been a major part of my focus for ministry and the guys have become my closest friends ones that i depend on, real friends!

we decided to finish up the band in june, so now mrjag is no more! i hope the songs will live on in lives as they will in mine.
it is sad, because mrjag was the one place i could just be myself and that was ok!  anyway i’m not writing this to be a sob story like! 
just wanted to say i really hope our music served you and if it did thank you for letting it serve you!
i feel called to lead worship so please feel free to get in touch if i can serve you in that way, and the guys will usually be leading with me like, i guess it’s the name we’re ending.  and i’m still writing songs and stuff so if you want a wee performance that’d be coolio, though unsure how this will look, just jamie and me, just me, we’ll see i guess. any band’s out there looking for a bodhran player??? i’m your man!

end of an era eh?
God is good, we hope we showed that in our music, and we hope you’ll walk close and humbly with Him all your life!


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  1. Andy, I cried when I got that email! So sad, but God is gonna work through all your lifes and it will work out for the better. Its gonna be weird not getting ready to go out for a jagment every few months!
    I pray all the best into all your lives and Gods richest blessings



    • that’s very nice of you to say deb… great getting to know you through mrjag, but like anything that you ‘gained’ (spiritually speaking) you really got from Jesus, it’s His spirit that was encouraging you, He just used us as a tool really… well i hope so anyway. hope you’re still playing in your praise band at church!


      • It has been brilliant to get to know you too over the past few years, three/four maybe?! Andy, I think ive already told you just how much God has spoken into my life through you all, but I guess thinking about it, Hes used you more!
        I love the fact that you are a farmer, I don’t feel so lonely anymore! Funny thing is, I’ve been away down a field somewhere, with just me and some heifers and been singing and realise it was ‘family’ I was singing, I guess it’s just catchy!
        Anyway, I can’t thank God enough for the blessing you have been, may you continue to write, even though mr jag is no more!
        (and yeah I’m still up in the band enjoying it more than ever!)
        Thanks Andy man! 😉

  2. you are more than welcome


  3. […] MrJAG released ‘He Tames Lions’ played for a while, then finished, last night of JAG was playing for some great friends in Ballybofey! Good memories! see;  […]


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