Since 2 months ago, (when the pressure was on in the lead up to getting married) till now life has been full pelt, and I had no idea that life was just happening right before my eyes!  Some of the best days of my life were in the those days and their memory has been fuzzed by the worry of the to-do lists, there’s a word to describe that, (busy), but I promised myself 2 years ago I would never use that word again when talking about my life.  It’s an awful word that implies having to do stuff for the sake of doing it or because you have to not want to.  So I try to use words like ‘full schedule’ or I’d say ‘I’m excited at all I have to do’ because well it’s me who organizes my life so it’s somewhat stupid to complain about the work load.

As the saying goes ‘life’s what happens when your busy making other plans’.  So I’m making a wee promise to myself about enjoying moments, how often do we instead of staring in awe at a beautiful sunset we wonder why we didn’t bring our camera, or even drive on by because we’re in a rush instead of stopping and checking out that bird of prey.  Or in conversation think that people are a means to an end, (a person to go through to buy some clothes, or a person we have to talk to to sort out our car insurance) instead of trying to see God image within them and draw them into God’s wonderful celebration of Grace.  The Christians’s life is a beautiful, wonderful one where God plays with His children!

I can close me eyes and relive moments especially in the past month, beautiful moments of kindness, where I can now see God delighting in me His child but at the time I missed it! 


I could say so much but I’ll stop and leave you with a quote from Gerald Kelly (a writter who I really connect with)

There is a call for us to meet God in the everyday, and yet a call to step aside from the every day to meet with God!

standing on grace


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