“As the moon reflects the sun is how i wanna shine for you!” why are we asked to reflect Christ?

I’ve been thinking lately about how we reflect Christ in the right light, but I thought for a while about why we are to be like Christ, my thoughts took me all over the place but kinda came together with one suggestion to add to the list!

Because it does seem obscured to be able to represent someone so Devine in our ordinary eating, talking, sleeping lives.  And yet as Christians we are called to reflect Christ’s character in the people we are both privately and in public.

But why, why do we need to be like Jesus, what is that all about, I think it’s helpful in these situations to get up into a biblical airplane and look at the big picture for a little while!  

God, made the world and set up His rule, in where God and us (created in His image) and the rest of creation live in unity and would live for eternity, we broke that by sinning bringing separation from God and death along with some other curses, then God sent a promise that He in His amazing grace would make a way back to that unity, and everlasting life we call that God’s kingdom.  Then after working out and hinting at what this promise would look like He sent Jesus, to teach us how to live in God’s kingdom, and to make a way into that kingdom.  And God has now left time for mankind to join up to his kingdom before His son sits as the fair judge and take out evil and fully redeems the forgiven.

So that’s the big picture, kinda… sorry for leaving out your favorite verse!

You see all since we separated ourselves from God by sin, God wanted to show us the way of His Kingdom.  To start He showed us the way of His kingdom using words and instruction, giving Moses the 10 commandments and other kingdom living instructions and using the words of the prophets, poets and storytellers to tell people the right and true way of living.

Then, well then Jesus came.

The word became flesh!

God was no longer using words and instruction to describe His kingdom but a life, an example, someone who you can listen to and watch, someone who could be asked questions, someone who is not open to exaggeration, someone who would make the Torah livable, someone who would live these words, these instructions in an eating, sleeping, talking, walking, working, studying, praying going to market life.  Jesus did not come to end the law but to fulfill it, to fill it full of meaning.

This is why Jesus was teaching things like ‘you know not to murder but I say don’t get angry.  You see murder is just what happens if we have enough anger, but it’s the anger that’s the root, it’s the anger that’s not part of my Fathers kingdom.  That’s why I’m saying if you get angry you’ve murdered already because anger and hate are the opposite to my Fathers’s kingdom way of living.

You see we needed Jesus to explain that to us… We need Jesus to fill those old words full of meaning!

And so ‘The Word’ became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.

And just as the Jews and we need Jesus to help make sense of those old testament words so our friends and neighbors need our example to help make sense of how God’s kingdom  works.  You see the Bible, as we well know, is a light to our feet and a lamp for our path as we walk with God.  But Jesus furthered this image saying that we are the light of the world we are the ones that when we live close to God, we tell the world how God’s kingdom works.

You see there 5 Gospels that God has given to the world, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the Christian (you and me)… And most people don’t read the first four. (this is a quote from somebody, I’ve forgotten who)

So as we live in this world it’s so crucial that we reflect the character of Christ in our ordinary, hitting snooze on the alarm, getting books out of our locker, being tempted by road rage, doing our homework, eating a meal, laughing with children, talking to our family, watching the rugby, eating our supper lives.  So that other’s may see the life, joy, peace and hope that God gives and that God may draw others into this wonderful celebration of Grace that we call the kingdom of God!

God just as your son filled those old words full of meaning help us as we try to reflect Your son in the right light to those we live with, that they may hear about Your great love through us.


Standing on Grace


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