Hudson Taylor’s notebook (Job – Part 2)

Continuing our thoughts on Job, Hudson, a man who suffered similarly to the apostle Paul for the sake of Christ and the gospel in China reflects further on the book of Job.  If you haven’t read the blog below I suggest you to before this but it should make sense on it’s own anyway!  Though this is a harder pill to swallow.

Was Job Mistaken?

“God who sent the trial gave also the needed grace, and Job replied to his wife’s sneer ‘the Lord has given and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.’ (1:21)
Was not Job mistaken? Should he not have said ‘the Lord gave and Satan has taken away?’ NO, there was no mistake.  He was enabled to discern the hand of God in all calamities.  Satan himself did not presume to ask God to allow himself to afflict Job.  He says to God ‘Stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and surly he will curse you to your face.’ and again ‘Stretch out your hand and strike his flesh and bones, and surly he will curse you to your face.’

Satan knew that none but God could touch Job, and Job was quite right in recognising the Lord himself as the doer.  Often we shall be helped and blessed if we understand that Satan is servant, and not master, and that he, and wicked men incited by him, are only permitted to do that which God by his foreknowledge has determined should be done.

Come joy or come sorrow, we may take it from the hand of God.

Job’s family and friend failed and seem to have forgotten him.  Those who dwelt in his house counted him as a stranger, and his servants gave no answers to his calls.  Worse than that, his own wife turned from him. No wonder that those who looked on thought that God Himself had become his enemy.
Yet it was not so.  With a tender Father’s love, God was watching all the time; and when the testing had lasted long enough the temporary trial gave way to songs of deliverance.”

Standing on Grace


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