THE RETURN OF THE KING (ypc – saturday)

Ok so if you’re looking for major controversial stuff you wont find it here! John Woodside continued in his encouraging style for the 4th night.
Saturday night; The return of the King (the problem of death).
Main passage 1Thes 4:13 – 5:11

All the below thoughts are Biblical and are mainly found in the passage, though for flow I haven’t reference a lot of them but happy to if you like!

There is 2 outcomes in life for the Christian.
1 we die and meet Jesus
2 Jesus returns and we meet Jesus. 
Paul looks at both here. Ch 4:13ff mainly death, Ch5:1-11 mainly the return.

3 things about death:

  1. Grief.  Death grieves us. Jesus wept.  Christians are not ashamed of tears.  Death is never emotionally good news, however we grieve with Hope! The massive difference between a believers and an unbelievers death is Hope!
  2. Anger.  Death is wrong.  It is an intruder into how God designed us to live, we were not meant to experience it! It came through sin, and it’s not natural, though it has become the norm it has never become normal, it rudely and unapologetically interrupts life!
  3. Hope.  Jesus broke death’s back.  Though we will have to go through it (unless we see Christ’s return) we have Hope a sure Hope that death will have no sting.  Jesus demonstrated that death for everyone is not the end but is a stop on route to somewhere else.

5 things about Christ’s return:

  1. Certainty.  (4:15) Just one look at the other promises like Luke 19, when Jesus predicts the temple to be brought down then in AD70 it happened, so you could see how the early believers didn’t think it’d take at least 2000 years! But the promise is still labeled ‘certain hope’.
  2. Manner.  Jesus will come back visible and these events will be beyond imagination. Like trying to tell a baby still in the womb what the world is like, so it’s hard for us to grasp heaven/new-earth and the return of our saviour!
  3. Timing.  This is one thing we can be certain about, we don’t and will never know when the return will happen, anyone who claims to have insight on this is lying!
    1. To the unbelievers it will be unexpected and unwelcome, the image is like a thief!
    2. Believers should not be surprised Paul says. And we’re to look for signs
      1. Natural signs.  Famines, earthquakes, war/unrest
      2. Anti-God signs.  Tribulation, false teaching, anti-Christ(spirit/men/man)
      3. Gospel signs.  All nations reached
      4. Social normality.  People will be marrying, working, eating etc
  4. Purpose.  The purpose of Christ’s return to bring, in it’s totality, God’s wrath and salvation to people.  The sheep will be separated from the goats, some will get the wrath of God and the others will get the fullness of their salvation. For the Christians it’ll happen like this, return, resurrection, rapture, re-union.
  5. Challenge.
    1. Conversion. If you’re not in the kingdom, surly after reading this you can see the importance! Come to God for he is near and the era of grace may soon be over!
    2. Comfort. We’re (as Christians) to be encouraged by these words.  Paul finishes talking about both death and Christ’s return by saying, encourage each-other with these words.
    3. Vigilance. Be ready. Be prayerful. Keep your armour on.

Sometimes what was taught and what I’ve learned are 2 different things.  Here’s what I learned from his talk, I was very tried this night due to a long day however John’s simple and humble style of teaching still made me chew over his words as I lay in my bed!

Standing on Grace.


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