Just saw a quote from Bertrand Russell, (not that i know too much about such characters).

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”

War is something we’re used to, we see it all the time in the news etc and yet how sad to realise that we often don’t think about why we (as countries) engage with it.  I mean, I think trying to win a war is like starting a hurricane then see who’s the last man standing.  
hmmm surly there must be better ways to stand up for the oppressed!  
Surly there’s a way of controlling the hate of political and ‘wannabe’ political leaders.  

What would the conversation be like if an alien was being shown round the world by a country leader….
Alien: “Well how are you doing at ‘developing’ the world?”
Leader:  “Oh we’re doing great, just look at all the new ways we’ve invented to kill eachother, and that’s just in the 20th Century, who know’s what ingenius weapons we’ll come up with in the 21st!”
Alien: “and i see you’ve made murder a crime, unless you kill thousands in the name of a ‘mission’ or ‘fight against terrorism’ “
Leader: “oh yes that has really saved us leaders getting in to trouble and loosing our reputation”

We would all agree that ‘greedy’ war is wrong but what about so called ‘Just War’?  I guess you have to make it personal, in order to understand that dilemma which is in the heart of every country leader.  Though we all wish war would never happen! 

if a ‘mindless’ someone was attacking my wife, what would i do?  
if it was getting violent would i get violent?
if someone told me they were going to attack my wife in a week’s time, would I buy/carry a weapon?
if I suspected someone was going to attack my wife at some point would I carry a weapon?
and at what point of the attack would I wish my weapon was a gun?

Then the ultimate question, what if I lived a life which was completely lead by the Holy Spirit, every action, every thought, every motion was spirit lead, would that change how I would answer those questions?

Murder is the first recorded sin after eating the forbidden fruit, Jesus calls us right back to that sin in the sermon on the mount, and says even if you hate someone you’re guilty.  He get’s to the heart of the problem.  Anger gives birth to hate, murder, war, hitlers. We all get angry.  Nip it at the bud Jesus says.  
Is there such a thing as just war? maybe? and who decides?

standing on Grace


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