Jesus (following the invisible)

I wish I could just see Him.  That when I embark on my day and pray I’ll live the Jesus way.  That He would be there, like actually there, with one of those harnesses and leads you see toddlers attached to which their mum uses to keep them within arms reach.  Oh how easy it would be to follow Jesus then, how easy to ‘walk where His feet trod’. 
For there is two kinds of wisdom that I try to use: Mine. His. 
One says work and save hard hard, the other says look at the sparrows and the lilies.  One says being stressed and busy is rewarded, the other says be still and know that I AM God.  One says make sure you live life to the full, the other says well that means dyeing to yourself.  One says get, the other says give.  One says worry the other says pray.  One says prepare well in advance the other says trust.  One says give me enough to do a ‘Friday big shop.’ the other says give us today our daily bread.  One says try to forget, the other says forgive. 
These two kingdoms meet me every day, oh how easy it would be if Jesus was there with His lead and harness around me directing me in the right way.
And yet theologically I know that He is there, the encouraging force in most of my decisions.  However, though I theologically believe this (omnipresent) I need to experientially believe it, to feel/know it know that Jesus is right there.  Looking over my shoulder encouraging me to take those opportunities to love those people, to trust whole heartily!
I feel like Elisha’s servant in 2Kings 6 when Elisha was full of the faith as enemy was advancing towards them but his servant just couldn’t make sense of God’s plan at all.  Then Elisha prayed for him, in v17 “And Elisha prayed,

“Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” 

And here we are, yet we are asked to live by faith not sight, though we long for the day when we can see Jesus face to face, for now we have faith.  And through the spirit we can see and hear from God in His word, creation, fellow man, Spirit.  For this i certainly need help.

God help me to see your image in every person I meet, help me to sense your spirits voice in every Christian I talk to, help me to see your creative word in all creation, and please God plant your Word deep in my heart that it may live in me, be my very being, that I may follow your son completely to the end of my life!

“Here’s how to determine God’s will for your life: Go wherever your gifts will be exploited the most.”  John Stott

Standing on Grace


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  1. AMEN! That’s like a prayer, and a powerful one at that! Keep up the blogging Andy its good stuff.


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