today’s a day

I was thinking on making this week a week where I work really hard, in order to make some extra money.

Then I woke and put on slippers I got for Christmas 
Got a snotty kiss from my wife (she’s got the cold)
The sunrise was faithful as always, just like God’s grace
Saw a curlew dip his long bill into the marshy ground which used to be a field
Saw a buzzard take off from a fencing post and rise into the sky like he owned it
My Dad told me a joke which kept me laughing most of the day
My cows showed their appreciation for my care by asking me to scratch their cheeks.
The Holy King of Israel told me He loved me again, this time through psalm 16
called in for lunch and doxy was there, always a good time
The air was still enough to allow the breeze too match the speed of your stride
Stood and watch ‘tumble’ (sheepdog) make sure each of her pup’s got a wee suck and a snuggle.

Life may have moments where you doubt it’s beauty.  But it is certainly much to wonderful (full of wonder) and beautiful (full of beauty) to be wasted on making money.

Time was never money.

Thanks God for your goodness today.


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