My Wedding Speech

Just thought this might be nice, if folk want to read, this is my wedding speech (word for word) when Debbie and me got married, on 10th sept 2011.  Good times.  hope you like it, if not, too late i’ve already said it.

Standing on Grace

So now that I’m old enough to compare myself to my parents I can see that we are not the outcome of our own making but a mixture of our own will/dreams, our response to God’s grace, and that is all molded by those who influence us.

And so on behalf of my wife and I…(YYYEEEOOO)
I’d like to thank God those folk who have influenced us, in such a loving and sacrificial way.
Now I’d say I could go round each one of you and have a lot to thank you all for, because we’ve both been overwhelmed with people’s generosity, prayers and well wishes, but you’ll all have to wait till you get a wee card some time before Christmas.

Really we’ve been overwhelmed we’re deeply grateful for you all.

The guys here (Groomsmen) have always been the best of friends to me, met Ricky and Graeme at a mother and toddlers group (we were the toddlers!) and Will boy I met when he asked me to make his woodwork project for him during my irish class at school.

Graeme, as sure as the rain has fallen in donegal, you’ve been there for me and I couldn’t ask for a better friend.
Ricky, my spiritual body-guard, no-one could count the amount of times we’ve prayed and sought God’s guidance together, debbie and me are beyond delight that you and marlene are getting married, and wherever God takes the both of us, I’ve got your back in prayer and support as I know you’ve got mine.  Will boy, William was my room buddy in college, so I think after that, we know so much about each-other that we’ve become very close friends, and again thank-you for your wisdom and consistent friendship in my life, and if you want any wood-work job’s done I’m your man.


Bridemaids, now Debbie has something to say here, but she didn’t want to make a speech so instead I’ll put on Debbie’s fav hat and so when the hat’s on… all you have to do is imagine is that I’m Debbie, it shouldn’t be too hard! (hat on for blue font and off for black font)

Laura:  Sharing a room with me for most of our lives we know each other inside and out. Shared lots of laughs and tears together.There’s so much I could say but I guess I love and admire you most for being yourself..your wacky, crazy personality that makes you, just you.  And you make a great bridesmaid.  So we thankyou For all your support and preparing for the wedding, and your willingness to do just about anything to help us out, and for your inspirational passion. We love you!

Joanna: I know you love me most for my wardrobe but really I know it’s more than that. Such an encouragement to see you growing into a beautiful young christian woman (especially seeing this through our week at camp). I’m going to miss you alot being around the house, and our chats and cuddles.  And you make a great bridesmaid.  Our door in Fahan is always open. I hope and pray we will be a great brother and sister to you.

Claire: For being a wonderful sister to Andrew. I second that. How you helped me fall in love with Donegal. For you’re great example of a Godly christian woman. Your love, support and encouragement. Looking forward to being your sister! For being a great bridesmaid! And I’d like to add, in each turning part of my testimony you’ve been there praying and correcting, so I thankyou for your gentle and sturdy, faith and influence in my life.

Mammy and Daddy:
Mammy you sacrificial love, patience and care for me I could never repay on my own, so instead I’ll have a wee word to Debbie and see if I can reward you with the grandchild of your dreams.  Daddy your humble wisdom, passionate faith, hardworking servant attitude, ever growing love for Jesus and your desire to see His kingdom come, together with the way mammy serves the community, creates a home and serves the church is the example that I hope to see grow in both Debbie’s and my life.

Bill And Viv:
Viv if Debbie and me can create a home that is as welcoming, friendly, busy and loving as yours is… we’d be doing really well.  Billy since I’ve got to know you, you’ve taught me more about how to be a great dad and a loving husband than I think you’ll ever know.  Debbie is fantastic, absolutely fantastic and the family, life and Christian values that are rooted so deep in her, are a credit to the way you’ve brought up such a fantastic, loving, caring, beautiful Christian daughter, who loves her family… Good job!

Debbie would like to thankyou For your love ALWAYS, patience even when she thought she knew better, your example of how to be a loving, welcoming family. For your direction in her Christian life, for always supported her in teams/mentoring/bringing people to the house etc and other ministry stuff though not always vocally expressed it was always felt. And she’d like to thank you for giving her awesome siblings!

Granny: I’d like to thank you for your help in bringing Debbie up and I’d ask that you continue to remind us about how good it is to have family.

Mark: the story Debbie tells me is When yous were younger you used to fight all the time because Debbie was abit of a tomboy, taller than you and apparently way better than you at football!  But we would both like to thankyou for always being there, for your honesty, enthusiasm (especially at Christmas) and for your love. And we both look up to your faith, passion and Godly character.
Laura Hawthorne II: Your advice, encouragement, gifts of music, your kindness and for you and Marks thoughts and prayers as we prepared for married life. Is very much appreciated.

To knox, Uncle James, DD, Murry and Ivan… Debbie and me are following your leadership in the church.

Debbie and me met properly for the first proper time at an Exodus training day when Debbie and me were being trained to lead 2 different small groups for the first time.  On the way in we were asked to take a sweet then to find the person who took the same sweet as us and pray with them about the day… Well… Debbie and me have similar tastes so we ended up together, and now after a little help from Denise, and our friends we’ve ended up together.  And we’d like to thank Norman, Lynda, Jim, Ava, Denise, Tim, Carrie and the rest of the Exodus clan, the values that we learnt at that training. The calling and vision that Debbie and I have for discipleship have been encouraged, affirmed, molded, aided and inspired through your ministry, and your lives, and we humbly ask that you continue to help us see the world through God’s eyes.

To everyone who is involved in this day thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Debbie I struggle to put into words how I feel about you, you make each day so sweet, you make those around you enjoy the life God has given them, you are an inspiration to me and so many others, though my love for you is deeper than face value you look absolutely beautiful and I am ‘on top of the world’ proud to call you my wife!  And I canny wait to see where God will lead us in our life together.

And so Debbie and me really hope to follow Jesus in our lives, we ask for your prayers and for your correction as our lives move forward into God’s plan.  And we have a lovely wee flat on the farm, so please come and visit we might even give you a slice of barnbrack!

(Hand Mic back to Ricky)


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