GIRL or BOY …diary of a pregnant dad-1

Today we had a scan, like 22 weeks or something, baby looking a healthy wee thing with long legs!
Here’s the deal right, I don’t like keeping secrets from anyone, Jesus asked us to live in the light, not to hide in darkness or to keep parts of our lives hidden.  So, I don’t delete my browsing history, I don’t hide anything, open living.  Anyway.  At this scan you can find out if your baby is a girl or boy.  I wanted to, but Debbie says if we find out then we’d have to keep it a ‘secret’ (bad word for Andrew), so we decided not to find out… As the nurse put the gel and camera around Debbie’s tummy, and commented on the heart, lungs, brain I was on a mission, I was searching hard for a willy!  Thought I saw one at one point, but it turned out to be the umbilical cord! It did look a little oversized. 

Why do I want to find out? Well I’m a day dreamer, and a visionary, I dream of the ideal before looking at where we are. 

If it’s a boy, I dream of introducing my son to the world, telling him that beautiful and terrible things will happen.  That you can’t trust everybody but must always trust Jesus and choose to trust those close to you.  Showing him a way of life that honors God, relys on the spirit and focuses on Jesus.  I dream of him making me proud with his passion, I dream of Him following Jesus.  

If it’s a girl, I dream of protecting her from the world, showing her how beautiful she is. Teaching her to trust Jesus always but to only trust the most very very excellent and Jesus focused of men with her heart.  I dream of Debbie showing her a way of life that honers God, relys on the spirit and focuses on Jesus.  I dream of her making me proud with her compassion, I dream of her being in love with Jesus.

What do these differences tell me? The natural God made difference between male and female, or the cultural context that I’ve somehow dragged into my faith, I don’t know, bit of both maybe.
I do know something…  …I didn’t see a willy!

standing on Grace


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  1. I’m sure that whatever the new addition to the family that their daddy and mummy will do the best for him/her that they both can.

    And it is going to be a busy 12 months for new additions to the family what with the official adoption of my new niece and all the triplets adding one in different ways.


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