Standing on Grace

“I’m a misfit caught in redemptions scheme.”

Grace is my lowest and highest position

Home is on the banks of the lough swilly in a village called Fahan, in Donegal, Ireland.

Married to Debbie, she’s awesome, she helps me serve Jesus I hope it works the other way too, she is an increasingly good baker and likes to sing out loud in the house but don’t tell her i told you that. we have  a lot of fun together…

Pregnant… we’re pregnant…. yes yes yes! 

Farm with my dad and my uncle, 2 bosses has it’s problems, esp when you have to get on with both but farming is without a doubt the best lifestyle in the world!

Played music/wrote songs with a band called mrjag we’ve realised few albums available on itunes and the like! we’d be proud of our last album ‘he tames lions’.  now playing on my own a little and with the guys, still writing away though.

Lead worship, big passion

Organize and help lead discipleship groups with a youth discipleship org called exodus

Other things that you probably wont read so i’ll stop here. 

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