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‘A Phone-call with Death’ (post Easter Poem)

Well easter has happened, Praise God, just wrote this we ‘phonecall’ while celebrating and meditating on the resurrection using  1 Cor 15 where it quote Hosea 13 where it says:

“I will deliver this people from the power of the grave; 
   I will redeem them from death. 
Where, O death, are your victory? 
   Where, O death, is your sting?”

Ring Ring…

Hello death

I notice you’ve lost your sting
oh you’ve been looking for it… ..2000 years
Would that be the same time as… …?
Oh, you don’t mention His Name
Do you think maybe, he took, it?
…You don’t know?
You were loosing your power over life at the time.
Oh right… Unconscious!.. wow

Well, that’s good… you know, for me!
Like it means I’m not afraid of you anymore, just ashamed
Anyway look, I have to go here and get on with living a resurrected life
I’m sure you’ll interrupt my life someday
But it’ll just be a hiccup in eternity, far from victory.


Standing on Grace


POEM for EASTER SUNDAY (the future’s not what it used to be)

Easter Sunday 

Here’s a wee poem written in the celebration of the Resurrection!  Praise God, Sing It Loud. Christ Has Risen From The Grave.

The future’s not what it used to be

The future’s not what it used to be
Not what it used to be anymore
You’ve given us a sure hope
I can almost smell the promised shore

The curtain’s torn
Our shame’s been worn
The lost can come running home
The price is paid
He’s rose to say
I’ve saved you from sin, but not Rome

For we still live in this world
Be strangers in this land
But through faith now we can fully know
Our redemption’s fully planned

Sing and shout and dance for joy
Towards earths shores come salvation’s fleet
“All aboard all aboard” free but not cheep
Is the story out on the street

Christ has risen
Grace is given
The dead to life have been raised
Real life can be ours
In giving Him our hours
May the name of Yahweh be praised

For new life is now flooding our veins
Like streams after the snow of winter
Your grace we couldn’t survive without
Praise Christ. We’d be lost without Easter.


Standing on Grace


hey going to upload a few poems over Holy Week.  as we prepare for celebrating the rescue, redemption and resurrection 

Poem for Palm Sunday.

Written after meditating on Luke 19:41-42
Where amongst the party atmosphere of that palm branch waving, cloak laying, ‘hosanna to the son of David’ singing donkey ride it saids.

As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes.

You Saw It

You saw it.

Mid the Joy filled celebration
The shouting and dancing became a backing track
As your eyes reminded your heart of your fate

You saw it.

Before time’s unchanging rhythm began
The stars finding their place in the sky, the first sunrise
Adam’s first breath, first sin, your fathers redemption promise

You saw it.

The city you knew would be destroyed
Your people who needed more than a fat ram’s blood
Who’s healing would flow from your own scars

You saw it.

The prophecy of all time would be fulfilled
When you could finally lead your people to your fathers judgement throne
Knowing it’s by you they have been rescued 

You saw it.


Standing on Grace

WATCH YOUR WORDING (wee response to religion v Jesus video) 

So this video that was flew around facebook at an unreal rate gave me a couple of concerns, (though I would trust his intentions and faith)’ it wasn’t as much what was being said it was what he was saying.
“As for religion I hate it, in-fact I literally resent it!”
So lets say someone looks up religion in the dictionary to find out what he’s saying

“Religion; a belief in and worship of a god or gods.”

Is this what he hates? He hates the fact that people will believe in and worship God?
He wants to dump ‘religion’ so he can believe in and worship Jesus as God. Ironic? 

Now I, and I assume most people reading this, will assume that he is talking about ‘false religion’ which is an entirely different thing all together.  ‘False religion’ is leading people up the garden path, a method for power-hungry women and men to control others and manipulate people to deepen their sense of dominating power that they selfishly crave.  

So I would think if viewed in the wrong context this video could be very ‘miss-read’ and perhaps dangerous so thought i’d share a couple of thoughts.
If being ‘religious’ is a response to God’s grace then i love it, and it should be encouraged however if it is to earn God’s grace then i also hate it! The truth is that looking through different eye’s, religion means different things, to some it simply means being part of the church, and to others it means mindless bits of repetition.
I don’t think Jesus came to get rid of either of those! 

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets (old covenant/old testament/torah); I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them (fill it up with meaning, to fulfill what the torah/OT were looking forward to)” Matt 5:17

So if God saves a ‘religious’ person their mindless bit’s of repetition suddenly become full of life!  And i don’t think Jesus wants to say ‘ok your saved now, no need to say your prayer everynight, just when you feel like it!’ that’s not the life Jesus calls his followers to! It’s a life of worship and obedience of following in your own life but also together with other believers! So how does one try to live in proper response to God’s grace without checking his/her action/behavior/belief/mission off others, the only outcome to this, is a regulated church, not a freewilly relationship. Instead being a Jesus follower should be a dedicated relationship assisted by the church. It’s easy to rebel against the system and seems to be popular, but we must make sure we’re not looking for freedom that’s outside the bride/body of Christ.

Standing on Grace

“We all detest hypocrisy, an empty show is just the worst
But blaming religion for contradiction
Is like staring at death, and blaming the hearse.”
Fr. Pontifex 

“The seeming honesty and sincerity of this guy and the many Christians who sympathise with what he is saying is admirable. However, it is unfair at all times to completely misrepresent words, and all that they imply, and in doing just that to actually misrepresent the person you say you love.”
Matthew McCracken 

1, 2, 3, RedLights

this is one of the first wee poems i wrote, thought i’d fire it up.
hope you enjoy, it’s called; 1,2,3, Redlights
standing on grace




Red lights in my town, keep control of cars
they stop anger and road-rage, yes, red lights make traffic halt.
When they shine, you don’t question their rule
knowing the red light is never at fault

It does not trap but warns of danger
keeps you safe from potential crash.
You sit and wait beside other strangers
till green shows, we make a dash.


Red lights in other towns, keep control of souls
they trap and strip inner wealth, yes, red lights promote the ‘business’.
When they shine, they attract selfish desires
promising worth but giving worthlessness

Creating a trap that rots the soul
of both the looker and looked upon.
Only Satan himself is smiling
as this “business” goes on and on.


Red lights of the world, keep control of things
some for good, some for greed, yes, there are two types of control.
But God is close, to the broken hearted
and even loves the oppressors soul

So who thinks they can take a life and sell it
turning their fathers’ hearts sick?
And who thinks more than pity’s needed
for red lights to just STOP THE TRAFFIK?

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