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1, 2, 3, RedLights

this is one of the first wee poems i wrote, thought i’d fire it up.
hope you enjoy, it’s called; 1,2,3, Redlights
standing on grace




Red lights in my town, keep control of cars
they stop anger and road-rage, yes, red lights make traffic halt.
When they shine, you don’t question their rule
knowing the red light is never at fault

It does not trap but warns of danger
keeps you safe from potential crash.
You sit and wait beside other strangers
till green shows, we make a dash.


Red lights in other towns, keep control of souls
they trap and strip inner wealth, yes, red lights promote the ‘business’.
When they shine, they attract selfish desires
promising worth but giving worthlessness

Creating a trap that rots the soul
of both the looker and looked upon.
Only Satan himself is smiling
as this “business” goes on and on.


Red lights of the world, keep control of things
some for good, some for greed, yes, there are two types of control.
But God is close, to the broken hearted
and even loves the oppressors soul

So who thinks they can take a life and sell it
turning their fathers’ hearts sick?
And who thinks more than pity’s needed
for red lights to just STOP THE TRAFFIK?

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