does God need lawyers?

I feel, in the church
There’s a temptation that it’s up to us to be God’s lawyers!
What a bizarre thought, and I’m sure quite humorous to God.
Atheism has pushed most of our public teaching into proving, faith; in God, which is paradoxical in itself.
The signs of God are all around, I don’t need to tell you that, this feeling that we need to prove that you can have a relationship with God is kinda similar to someone asking you to prove your friendship with 1 of your friends to someone, I mean that’s just strange, what would I do to prove my friendship, I could show texts, and emails and stuff, but you could just say I made that up, wrote them all myself, or you could click ‘see friendship’ on fb but I guess I could of made a profile and had commented on my own wall!  You see it’s a hard thing to prove, friendship cannot be argued just experienced!  Similar with God, every time we try to prove that He is indeed our best friend, our father etc we get hit with seemingly insulting and downgrading questions and attacks, it’s very easy to feel that maybe our faith is a silly little thing.  Yet we know, we know that our faith is the most important thing in the world, and it’s real, it’s really really real, God is our friend, He is our father, Jesus is our saviour, and the Holy Spirit does live in us! 
Here’s a wee thought I learned from CS Lewis when he was asked to prove God, he said “I believe in God the same way I believe in the sun, not that I can prove everything about the sun, it’s dimensions, where it get’s it fuel, how it works, but I believe in the sun because through it I see everything else, it gives light, cause things to grow, gives me life.”  And so it is with God we don’t believe in God because we’ve discovered everything about Him and thought; ‘ok because I understand I can now believe’ NO, it because through God we see everything else, He gives us life, He causes the sun to shine, He makes our hearts beat He does He gives He provides!  This is a very helpful way to look at the world and God, then we will stop asking ourselves how can I prove God made the world and start asking ourselves why did He make it that way, or asking why did He make me, or why does he want to love and have relationship with me. And that, is a healthy way to think, perhaps a higher way to think.  Maybe that thought should cause us to re-think how we do outreach, instead of explaining God we should perhaps give people ‘taste and see’ opportunities so that they may discover that the Lord is good (Ps34)!  When others see what difference God makes in a life, when others see what hope, joy and propose comes from God, when others taste genuine fellowship, surly we will see God’s kingdom extend!

Standing on grace


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  1. this is great andy!!!
    i love the part about friendship and tryin to prove a friendship! also the CS Lewis quote! this is great stuff! very encouraging and reassuring! good job!


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