Feeing Lucky (morning after the wedding reflections)

So here I am, this morning, after the night before… Debbie’s in the shower I’m wearing my fav hoody and sitting on our wee seat in the room. Today, I want to add a new word to the Biblical dictionary, ‘lucky’!  I feel really really lucky.  My friend Gareth’s prayer during the wedding service, mentioned that any experience we have of love is from God because, well, God is love!  And doesn’t that change how we view the character and even the being of God, that He actually is love! And so here I am slightly teary as I think of the love I experienced yesterday, and I know I deserve no good thing, for I am not in anyway righteous in my own right, I feel like a disobedient child who’s parents (or in this case Father) just keeps on giving their (His) best for me.  How lucky am I to be marrying into such am amazing family, how lucky I am to have a great family myself, how lucky I am to have great friends, and how lucky I am to be able to introduce my wife Mrs Debbie Lamberton!  

forever could never be long enough for me,
to feel like I’ve had long enough with you.

Thanks for coming to the service, for raising the roof with your praise, thanks for your prayers and for your continued prayers as Debbie and me head toward the unknown horizon of God’s plan, I used to wish I could see what God had in plan for me, but I feel so lucky that I completely trust Him to lead Debbie and me forward!

Oh actually, I’ve just realized I don’t have to add a word to the Biblical dictionary there’s one there, ‘blessed’.  I feel God’s blessing so much that I am fully assured that He will see us through and continue blessing us and leading us even though we don’t deserve it!

I’m blessed!


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